STACT Ranks #1 on Huffington Post's StyleList 08.08.12 / design / kickstarter / press /

Huff Post StyleListHuff Post's StyleList surveyed the hottest Kickstarter design products. Citing the "gorgeous design", STACT ranked #1.

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STACT Featured in Asia's #1 Luxury Magazine 08.08.12 / Asia / luxury / press /

asian luxury wine rack

"Putting a whole new vertical spin on the "hangover", the Stact Modular Wine Wall is an ingeniously elegant way to display your vino.  Making your rack of wine bottles look like a modern art installation that will make you happier and ruddier each time you inspect its elements, take your pick from a variety of colors to suit your home's hues.  Just so you're assured your bottles of reds won't come crashing down in the middle of the night, each twelve-bottle panel of the Wine Wall boasts a sturdy set of precision-machined aluminum bottle supports. Two nifty wall brackets make mounting each section as easy as hanging up a Van Gogh. The modular system of the rack also means you can stack on more units as your collection of rare wine grows—or remove a panel or two after a particularly festive dinner party." > Full article

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TrendHunter: "STACT Wine Rack Changes the Way Alcohol is Stored and Presented" 08.03.12 / press / trends /

wine storage design trends - wine racks 

"This modular wine wall takes wine storage to a whole new level.

Developers Jamie Kasza and Eric Pfeiffer of Pfeiffer Lab set out to develop a wine rack that was versatile, easily customizable and elegant. The ‘STACT’ Wine Rack is crafted using aircraft-grade anodized aluminum and premium wood veneers. Available in six different colors and finishes such as Walnut, Electric Orange, Piano Black and Zebrano, this design is exceptionally classy.

The simple design of the rack allows for wine bottles to be placed among the many aluminum bottle supports, almost as if they are suspended in the air. The part that I enjoy the most about this design is that you can assemble the wall mounts in almost any position depending on the wall space you have available." > Full article

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Home Interior Design & Architecture: "STACT takes the wine rack to the next level" 08.03.12 / architecture / design / home interior / press /

home interior designer architecture wine wall rack
"Wine racks are indeed practical and functional as they keep our wine bottles safe and nicely stored. However, they usually share the same inconveniences. One of them is related to the fact that wine racks require floor or desktop space. This means you’ll have little space left for other elements and amenities and this is a problem, especially in small homes. Then there’s also the fact that, given their very specific functionality, they have a hard time matching with the rest of the décor. We found one model that has none of those problems.
It’s called STACT and it’s a wine wall. It’s not a rack but a wall and this immediately means that the floor or desktop space is freed. The wine bottles are stored on the wall. Also, because of the same reason, STACT is easier to integrate into any type of décor. It’s not only functional and practical but also an interesting accent piece. It’s a way of taking the wine rack to the next level. 
STACT's main advantage is that it overcomes the limitation of fitting in specific spaces. It can be placed anywhere and it would be equally interesting and functional. It comes in a variety of colors and it’s composed of separate panels. Each panel keeps we bottles and multiple panels can be used. Each section is extremely easy to mount on the wall with the help of two wall brackets." > Full article
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Finally, a wine rack designed for the man cave 08.01.12 / man cave /

Dudes are growing mustaches and drinking wine these days, but when it comes wine storage for the man cave, it's clear that mom's wine rack just won't cut it.  Men are on a quest to pimp their walls with wine, and that requires a boss wine rack. Fortunately it seems that STACT has solved this challenge.

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What a man needs: A cool wine rack, and a sweet 'stache 07.31.12 / man cave / mustache / press /

bill murray mustache

Man has evolved. It was bound to happen. I guess this is what happens when you design a wine rack that's fit for the man caves of the most manliest of men.  You can't argue with science. The modern man has evolved, and he's sporting a sweet mustache and stashing his wine on a sexy wine rack.

The folks at the American Mustache Institute are referring to it as #WineStache. The evolution is fast spreading – it began in New Jersey, and quickly spread to the red light district, and most recently multiple sightings have been reported throughout Eastern Europe.

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Vancouver Sun loves STACT! 07.30.12 / crowdfunding / kickstarter / press / Vancouver /

vancouver sun

"A Vancouver wine connoisseur is using crowd-sourced funding to turn his dream for the perfect wine rack into reality. After less than a day on the online funding site Kickstarter, the dream has been funded and backers continue to sign on."

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