Finally, a wine rack designed for the man cave 08.01.12 / man cave /

Dudes are growing mustaches and drinking wine these days, but when it comes wine storage for the man cave, it's clear that mom's wine rack just won't cut it.  Men are on a quest to pimp their walls with wine, and that requires a boss wine rack. Fortunately it seems that STACT has solved this challenge.

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What a man needs: A cool wine rack, and a sweet 'stache 07.31.12 / man cave / mustache / press /

bill murray mustache

Man has evolved. It was bound to happen. I guess this is what happens when you design a wine rack that's fit for the man caves of the most manliest of men.  You can't argue with science. The modern man has evolved, and he's sporting a sweet mustache and stashing his wine on a sexy wine rack.

The folks at the American Mustache Institute are referring to it as #WineStache. The evolution is fast spreading – it began in New Jersey, and quickly spread to the red light district, and most recently multiple sightings have been reported throughout Eastern Europe.

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