Finally, a wine rack designed for the man cave 08.01.12

Dudes are growing mustaches and drinking wine these days, but when it comes wine storage for the man cave, it's clear that mom's wine rack just won't cut it.  Men are on a quest to pimp their walls with wine, and that requires a boss wine rack. Fortunately it seems that STACT has solved this challenge.


"Finally, a wine rack that won’t clash with your decor. It’s a modular, fully-customizable rack system made of aluminum and premium wood veneers that you can put anywhere. It was created by 2012 ICFF award-winning designer Eric Pfeiffer. Never thought we’d say this but the dude has a nice rack." >Full article

so freaking cool

"The ceiling-high stack of PBR cans in your apartment no longer impresses the ladies the way it used to. These days broads wanna see that you drink wine. Show ‘em with the STACT Modular Wine Wall, a chic way to display your vino, featuring a high-quality wood veneer exterior and two wall brackets that let you easily mount as many of these things as you want next to each other. Now if only those aforementioned ladies were mounted as easily." > Full article


frat fury 

"Do you want to store and display your wine collection, but don’t have enough space for a wine storage? STACT Modular Wine Wall is the solution to your problem. It fits anywhere since it is simply mounted on the wall. Featuring machined aluminum bottle supports and wood veneer exterior, this wine wall is capable of storing up to 12 wine bottles. So you no longer have to worry about where to put your wine and not having enough space at home. Just go get this wine wall and mount it anywhere at home." Read on >