STACT selected best wine rack design in the UK 01.12.13

It's an honor to see STACT featured at the top of the list of the best modern wine rack designs in the world, by UK's leading wine accessories e-tailer, and London's top luxury furniture design store. best wine rack designs in UK 10 Best Modern Wine Rack Designs 

"Would you like to make your wine collection an expression of art and true beauty? The STACT Wine Wall does just that and more! It is a remarkable feature in any lounge, kitchen or living space and will stylishly show off your wine bottle collection; no matter how big or small. You can mix and match the panels to create a truly bespoke wine rack design, suitable for home or commercial use. Create your wine wall."

UK best wine rack design 



the sofa and chair company london - STACTModern Wine Cellars: Design Inspiration

"One company making a big name for themselves in wine circles is STACT, who have patented this amazing modular, aluminium and wall mounted storage system. The flexibility of the storage panels means that it can be integrated into any household, wherever there is a spare bit of room for wine, be it a whole wall or dotted around a kitchen."


best modern wine cellar designs in UK