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Don't be shy, send us your best shot, or tag it #getSTACT. We want to see how you STACT it!

STACT wine racks in Adelaide

STACT wine racks in Adelaide

Hannah & Peter - Adelaide Australia (4 x 4 panels, Pure White & Gunmetal)

STACT wine cellar in Black

STACT wine cellar in Black

Clyde - Laguna Niguel, CA (5x6 panels, Piano Black)

STACT wine cellar apartment living

STACT wine cellar apartment living

Kaya & Nancy - Vancouver, BC (1 x 6 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange)

David - Vancouver, BC (2x3 panels, Electric Orange lacquer & Pure White)

Valerio - Den Haag, Netherlands (1x6 panels, Walnut & White Oak

Chris - Santa Clara, CA (1x5 panels, Black Oak)

Russet Residence - West Vancouver (7x8 panels Pure White)

Jamie - Vancouver, BC (1x7 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange lacquer)

Onyx Development Group - Sarasota, FL (44 panels, Walnut)

Julie, Lake Oswego, OR (1x6 panels, Zebrano & Piano Black)
Philip - Copenhagen, Denmark (1x4 panels, Walnut & Piano Black)

Gareth - Danville, CA (2x3 panels, Piano Black

wall-mounted wine rack in vancouver - walnut and orange
Marg & Dean - Vancouver, BC (4x2 panels, Walnut & Electric Orange lacquer)

Alexandre - France (2x4 panels Pure White)

John - Toronto, ON (1x5 panels, Walnut)

Jason - Chicago, IL (2x4 panels, Zebrano)

CDC Designs - Costa Mesa, CA (16 panels, Pure White)

Chris - Vancouver, BC (1x6 panels, Walnut

Rod - Dallas, TX (1x2 panels, Xavier - London, UK (1x3 panels, Pure White)

Aaron - Atlanta (2x3 panels, Walnut)

Bryan - Singapore (1x4 panels, Walnut)

Coleman - Round Rock, TX (1x4 panels, Walnut

wall wine rack in new york - black lacquer
John & Kate - New York, NY (1x2 panels, Piano Black)

Steven - Chicago, IL (1x2 panels, Zebrano)

Suz & Joele - Vancouver, BC (3x2 panels, Piano Black)

Warren - Perth, Australia (2x3 panels, Zebrano & Electric Orange)

Carlos - Liverpool, UK (3x1 panels, Pure White lacquer)

David - Albequerque, NM (1x3 panels, Zebrano)

zebrano wine wall
William - Vancouver, BC (3x6 panels, Zebrano)

chris armstrong STACT wine wall - #nicerack
Chris - Long Beach, CA (4x2 panels, Walnut)

Sarah & Toby - Tribeca, NY (3x3 panels, Amit - Banglore, India (2x1 panels, Piano Black)

Kapil - Richardson, TX (4x2 panels, Walnut)

Up close and personal. Zebrano looks sexiest when viewed from below. ;)

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